Greetings! Welcome to my personal website. You will find here information on my personal and academic activities. Please feel free to contact me using the details mentioned at the end of this page.I am currently a doctoral candidate within the Smart Systems program, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Jürgen Schönwälder, at Jacobs University Bremen in Germany. My work at the university is mostly within the Computer Networks and Distributed Systems group, but my interests extend beyond networking, encompassing robotics, computer vision, wireless sensor networks, underwater acoustic systems, autonomous marine vehicles and computer science education.

I am also the founder of the Indian Underwater Robotics Society(IURS), a not-for-profit research organization based in India. I serve as the director of scientific research within the organization and my team has had the distinction of creating India’s first AUV that competed in the competition organized by AUVSI and US Navy’s Office of Naval Research.

A bit of searching shows that my current H-Index is 7 and my Erdős number is 4 (I have published with Jürgen Schönwälder and Andreas Birk, who both have an Erdős number of 3).More information about me and my work can be found within other pages on this website. Do contact me in case you need any specific information.

Jacobs University Bremen
School of Engineering & Science
Campus Ring 1, 28759 Bremen, Germany
Phn: +49 421 200 3119
Fax: +49 3222 245 6594
Email: s.anuj@jacobs-university.de
Indian Underwater Robotics Society
E-118 Nar Vihar Part-I, Sector 34
201301 Noida, India
Phn: +91 98183 69363
Email: anuj@iurs.org